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Newsletter 3-4


Welcome to the DIGI-Step project!

DIGI-Step Project: Training School and Meeting in Dresden

On 18-20 September 2023, the DIGI-Step project organized their official training summer school which was held at the Tecnhical University in Dresden (TUD).

The training was grounded on knowledge exchange and co-created learning experiences designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of sustainability teaching staff. On Day-1 of the training school mainly included thorough introductory sessions regarding Sustainability and Sustainability in Education. The partners also presented the DIGI-Step project and its work.
On Day-2, the participants learned more about digital education delivery in (digital) sustainability education, about training in design thinking, and about practical co-creation to develop education materials for sustainability courses. The day also included interactive sessions with the participants
divided into 2 teams, in order
to elaborate on hypothetical scenarios regarding sustainability in product distribution and quality control.
The last day of the summer school included further engagement activities with a focus on digital skills and sustainability. After the school, the participants reported their interest in the subject of sustainable development and in further development of teaching performances. They also expressed their motivation to take action in the field of sustainable development in business and in the topic of social competence ability with a goal cooperate in groups and in international environments.

On the closing day of the training school, the partners also had the last physical meeting in Dresden, also organized by the project coordinators in TUD. The meeting was a great opportunity to discuss the outcomes of the training school as well as the remaining tasks of the project as a whole. The meeting discussion highlights included the results of the DIGI-Step, the multiplier events (organized in the following months), as well as, the remaining tasks for the academic paper developed by the project partners.

The DIGI-Step focus groups have been completed in 4 countries

The DIGI-Step partners have conducted a series of focus groups discussing the official Intellectual Output of the project, the Handbook for a Digital Course Implementation. The focus groups were organized in 4 of the partner countries: Germany Poland , Greece and Romania. They consisted of
individuals from academia, industries, the government, and civil society. The participants were provided with an executive summary of the handbook, as well as the handbook itself, before the discussion to provide feedback. Overall, the participants expressed a positive and informative view of the content, considering it valuable for future teaching purposes. The sessions were fruitful while the stakeholders in each country offered their opinions on the content and continued by making further suggestions. In addition, a lot of the participants were interested in the course and expressed their intention to use such digital applications in the future.

ACC Forum 2023: Presentation of the DIGI-Step Academic paper

The DIGI-Step project participated in the ACC-Forum conference in Ostritz, organized on 19 October 2023. Our coordinator from Tecnhical University in Dresden presented the academic paper "Making e-learning on sustainability serviceable using design thinking concept", which was developed within the project. The paper was a part of Session 1.2 on Sustainability and Biodiversity Management in Higher Education Institutions. During the ACC-Forum 2023, 13 conference sessions took place, which included 44 presentations.

New DIGI-Step based course is adopted by the West University in Timisoara

The DIGI-Step project is happy to announce that the West University in Timisoara (WUT), has accepted a course based on the results of the DIGI-Step project! The Sustainable Development course (Romanian: Dezvoltare durabila), will run for the first time in the 1st semester of the next academic year in 2024. It will be an optional course open to all the graduated students of the
university and will be taught by our DIGI-Step - Romanian partners from WUT. The course is already listed in the official website of the university (see image above). We wish a great start and a fruitful academic year to all!

DIGI-Step Multiplier events

The DIGI-Step Multiplier events have all been organized during the last months of the project. We are delighted to announce that the events have all been completed successfully in 4 of the partner countries of the project (Germany, Poland, Romania and Greece). More than 100 participants from higher education institutions, NGOs, public administration and business bodies have attended our events. During the events, the partners all showcased the DIGI-Step's official
Multiplier event in Greece by SEERC
results and presented the material that was developed within the project. Overall, the attendees were positively interested in the results of the project and had the opportunity to engage and learn more about digital education and sustainability.
Multiplier event in Germany by the Tecnhical University in Dresden.

The official DIGI-Step results !

After an intense period of work within the last years, the DIGI-Step project is successfully closing the chapter of the development of the project’s official results!

The DIGI-Step official results are:
  • The Sustainable Development (SD) Course (Modules)
  • The Sustainable Development E-learning Environment of the course
  • The Handbook for Implementing a Sustainable Development Digital Course.
In the closing month of the project (December 2023), the partners are preparing to showcase the 3 core results of DIGI-Step on its dissemination channels. In January 2024, the results will be fully open and available on the project’s website! The e-learning environment will also be shared and thus will be accessible to all the interested audiences that would like to join, educate themselves and explore it!

We are delighted to share our news and accomplishments with you!
Let’s all continue to work towards a sustainable future while sharpening our abilities and making progress towards digital innovation!

Stay tuned for the official DIGI-Step's results in January 2024!

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The DIGI-Step partners are:
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