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Newsletter #1


Welcome to the DIGI-Step project!

Who are we?

DIGI-Step stands for Digital Sustainable Skills and Training in Education Partnership.
In response to the need for greater expertise and wider participation in digital sustainability skills, DIGI-Step is an Erasmus+ co-funded project that aims to improve higher education teachers’ digital skills in delivering sustainable development courses.
It seeks to address the deficits in participation in sustainable development studies from students across a range of disciplines, whilst also strengthening and enhancing institutional capacities in providing online learning that is comparable to face-to-face studies. It aims to support students who wish to enrich their studies with sustainable development teaching components which may not usually be offered as part of their existing program of studies.
Project Results
1. Sustainable Development e-learning course components using innovative participatory tools and utilizing digital pedagogies to provide an online learning platform that fosters a collaborative and participatory experience and opens the possibility of students integrating sustainable development components into their existing course of study.
Project Result_1_Elearning course
Training Scorm Icon
2. Training materials in scorm format , ready to be uploaded to any learning management system, which supports faculty staff to deliver online courses and utilize the e-learning tools to provide an engaging, rounded, participative learning experience for students.
3. Handbook for Digital Course Implementation provides a blueprint for others looking to replicate elements of the Training Programme and course development, which enables the widening training of faculty staff for creating and delivering online courses and digitalizing existing courses.


In July 2022, the DIGI-Step consortium members attended the Quarter 3 Project Meeting (PM), which was organized by the coordinating team on their local premises, at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany. After a long period of online meetings, the partners had the opportunity to gather and discuss the project’s progress and proceed with further arrangements regarding the scheduled future work. The 3 main topics of conversation refer to the DIGI-Step’s expected project results. Among others, the partners proceeded to new decisions regarding:
  • The structural content of the Sustainable Development curricula to be developed and the plans regarding the upcoming consultation period,
  • The next steps regarding the Handbook for the Digital Course implementation
  • Further specifications regarding the content and template of the E-learning course on Sustainable Development.
The consortium also agreed on the following 6 modules to be featured:
  • Introduction to Sustainable Development
  • Economic and Financial Sustainability
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Social Sustainability
  • Corporate Sustainability - models, strategies, and tools
  • Social entrepreneurship
DIGI-Step’s digital communication and social media presence were other areas of focus during the Dresden meeting. The project’s official channels have been launched during the previous semester and will be updated frequently. You can find DIGI-Step project at:
facebook twitter linkedin 

What's next?

The DIGI-Step partners are excited to continue with the preparation of the final curriculum content and present the first look at the E-learning environment in the following months. Meanwhile, the consortium will have the chance to meet again physically on January 2023. The next PM will be organized by our partners at the University of Lodz in Poland.

Stay tuned for more updates from DIGI-Step!

The DIGI-Step partners are:
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