The DIGI-Step project will create course content and e-learning materials, and will crucially support staff capacity development through the development of training guidelines, a handbook for course development and digital delivery, and draw on the expert evaluation from external stakeholders and end-users. The project partnership will deliver the following key objectives: 


  • Developing Sustainable Development e-learning course components using innovative participatory tools and utilizing digital pedagogies to provide an online learning platform that fosters a collaborative and participatory experience and opens the possibility (through ECTS accreditation) of students integrating sustainable development components into their existing course of study. 
  • Designing training materials in scorm format files ready to be uploaded to any learning management system, which supports faculty staff to deliver online courses and utilize the e-learning tools to provide an engaging, rounded, participative learning experience for students. 
  • Producing a Handbook for Digital Course Implementation which provides a blueprint for others looking to replicate elements of the Training Programme and course development which enables the widening training of faculty staff for the creation and delivery of online courses and digitalization of existing courses. 
  • Creating an evaluation and feedback framework document which details the external feedback on the e-learning course development and teaching framework. 
  • Implementing a dissemination strategy that raises awareness of the importance of offering sustainable development teaching to a range of student disciplines and emphasizing the employability of sustainable development knowledge and the importance of digital skills.

The key results of the dissemination strategy are to target specific groups that cover different areas of society (i.e., quadruple helix). Beyond academic beneficiaries directly engaged in the project, we determine that DIGI-Step will be of benefit to organizations interested in CSR and sustainability, as well as Higher Education teachers and professional trainers who can benefit through engagement with digitalization and e-learning components of the course.

The DIGI-Step project results can be downloaded, here.