DIGI-Step Multiplier event in Greece (SEERC)

On December 20th, our partners from South-East European Centre (SEERC) in Thessaloniki, Greece, successfully organized a multiplier event for the DIGI-Step project and ensured the dissemination of the project’s results to a wider audience. The target of the event was to present the work that was completed within the DIGI-Step project and the official project results.

The event gathered more than 30 participants who were able to see the work of the project and the developed files as well as, course material of the Sustainable Development Course offered by DIGI-Step.

We are more than happy to close the DIGI-Step project with the multiplier events, having this opportunity to talk more about our work and showcase the project’s educational and e-learning material!

Thank you all for being there with us!


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