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DIGI-Step Multiplier event in Greece (SEERC)

On December 20th, our partners from South-East European Centre (SEERC) in Thessaloniki, Greece, successfully organized a multiplier event for the DIGI-Step project and ensured the dissemination of the project’s results to a wider audience. The target of the event was to present the work that was completed within the DIGI-Step project and the official project…
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DIGI-Step Multiplier event in Germany (Technical University in Dresden)

Our partners at the Technical University in Dresden have successfully organized the DIGI-Step multiplier event in Germany. The event focused on the presentation of the official results of the DIGIStep project developed within the last years by the consortium partners. In total, 40 participants attended our event in Dresden and had the opportunity to learn more…
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DIGI-Step Multiplier event in Poland (University of Lodz)

Our partners from the University of Lodz (UoL), organized the DIGI-Step multiplier event in Poland on 14 November 2023. The partners welcomed business/ industry representatives, NGOs, public administration and education professionals at the Faculty of Management of UoL who had the chance to deepen their knowledge of sustainable development and the results of the DIGI-Step project. In detail, the…
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Digi-Step’s Summer Training School in Dresden (18-20 Sept. 2023)

On 18-20 September, the DIGI-Step project organized their official training summer school which was held at Technische Universität Dresden. The summer school aimed to enable participants, who are teaching faculty staff in the fields of Business Management and Economics from our consortium partnering organizations, to develop skills and competences for the digital delivery of sustainability courses while providing critical evaluation…
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DIGI-Step project’s Q1 hybrid Meeting in Poland

On Jan 19, 2023, the DIGI-Step consortium partners participated in the project’s meeting, organized by our Polish partners at the University of Lodz. Some members of the consortium were also able to join online. During the meeting, the partners discussed the progress of the project’s results regarding the course to be developed, the e-learning environment,…
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DIGI-Step Quarter 3 Meeting in Dresden

The last project meeting of the DIGI-Step project took place on 7th July in a hybrid form and it was organized by the Technische Universität Dresden. After a long time of online meetings, it was great for all the participating partners to see each other in person and discuss the progress of the project! Among others, the partners…
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